Twitter And Stuff

Jul 13, 2009 in ,

Hmm, I've got no idea ahahazzz. I love my Twitter. It's so bright and shiny and full of tweets. OMG and David's tweets are so cute!! Aww, and he saw the sunrise today... that's so awesome. Dangggg he woke up at 5am though lol. That's... early lol.

Let's see, what else do I love about Twitter? I love... tweeting random stuff like lyrics ahaha. I don't like the fact that you can only write 140 characters though.

Haha btw, I'm barely looking at what I'm writing... I'm watching tv and my fingers are just moving along the keyboard lolzz. Is that weird?

Hmm, so I'm typing this without looking whatsoever now. It's actually pretty easy lol. This paragraph, anyways. Still typing without lookng here... I'm watching a random movie. Something about baseball... oh man, and now there's some drama ol. Yikes, am I typing this right?

Oops, it's lol not ol. Just checked lol. Ooh, and I spelled looking wrong. Oh wellz.

There's somebody out thereeeeeeeeeee... I love that song aha. I love all of his songs.