The Waters - A Short Story

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A/N: This is so not the best thing I've ever done, and I didn't edit it, so sorry if you don't like it... It's a scenario thingy. I got bored and someone asked for like a scenario on YA and I came up with this idea and couldn't get rid of it, so yeahhh... The guy's name is Paul 'cuz someone was talking about Palo Alto... The first name that popped up was actually Wayne, but... You didn't want to know the whole story, did you? Lolzzz. And just fyi, I've never drowned.

Your best friend, Paul, is on his back in the water, sprouting water from his mouth as he just floated in the swimming pool. You smile as you see his body reflecting the sun. Gosh, he was gorgeous. If only you could tell him how you felt…

“Hey! Come on!!” shouted one of your other friends, Nick, who was running from behind you to do a cannonball into the water.

“I’ll pass,” you say, even as the sun burned your skin at 107°.

“Aww, why not? You never swim with us,” whines another friend, Jen from the water.

You smile at her while knowing that you couldn’t swim to save you life.

Suddenly, you felt rough hands on your back, pushing you into the water. You scream, but half your body is already submerged.

The water engulfs you, gravity pulling you down towards the 8’ mark of the pool base. The air in your lungs give out, and a gush of cold water enters your mouth in its place.

One by one, you begin saying goodbye to the pleasures in life. Your family, your friends, the wind blowing in your face… and Paul. His face appeared next, brighter and clearer than anyone elses’. He’s smiling, in your head. You hear his adorable giggle, and try your best to hang on to life. Your legs begin to kick the waters, but it’s too late; you’re already sinking.

You open your eyes, and kick harder, but it’s useless. When you’re just about ready to give up, you feel strong arms surround your body, and your bare back pressed against someone’s body. Air bubbles float around you, and you pray you’ll make it up in time.

A warm wind blows at your head when you escape from the terror of the bottom of the waters. You gasp for air when your mouth reaches the surface.

The person who saved you – the person to whom you owed your life to – continues to haul you back to dry ground.

“Dude! What’d you do that for? You nearly killed her!” the voice behind you yelled at someone. The water had blurred your vision, forcing you to close your eyes shut.

“Don’t you know she can’t swim?!” yelled the voice again. This time, you recognize it as Paul. Paul… He was the one who had saved you? This just made your heart long for him even more.

“How would I know she can’t swim?! She never said anything,” Luke yelled back. Figures he pushed you in.

Paul pulls you up onto the tiled floor, making everyone move away in the process.

“You ok?” he asks, his velvet voice caressing you.

You open your mouth to answer, but cough up water instead of words. Paul pulls you to a sitting position, and thumps your back.

“Ye-yeah, I’m o-ok,” you say, finally managing to speak.

You tilt your head up, and you’re met with Paul’s beautiful eyes. The hazel glistens in the sunlight, and his face glows.

“Thank you.”



Yeah, that really was a short story. Like I said, I didn't edit it and I'm not really happy with the result. Then again, I didn't read it after I finished it, so idk how it turned out lolz. If you liked it, then I'm glad you did!! Scenario fics are so mushy and nice to write ahahahaz.