4 More Days

Aug 7, 2009 in


Whoa, I've spent 6 months here lol. That's like 1/25 of my life haha. Which is quite a lot... Whatever haha I'm confuzzled now.

Watchin' David's new interview and realizin' that the past 3 lines of this blog starts with a W. That's odd. I'm gonna listen to the Del Mar performances again later lol. It was... 47 days and 4 hours ago haha. I never got around to takin' the countdown down. Countdown down, that sounds weird.

Why are there duck sounds in the interview? o________O

And there're whistling sounds, too... haha.

Aww, he lost Carly's number. That's too bad... haha.

Oh, here's the link if you don't have it.

OOH I just got my 5,053th tweet!! Lol I needa stop tweetin' so much. I'm eatin' cake too lol. I needa stop eatin'...

The SYTYCD results is tonight... idk who's gonna win. Ahhz, I can't wait for next year!! There's this awesome guy, but he wasn't old enough, so Nigel gave him the ticket for next year. Too bad I can't remember his name... Haha, I'll know him when I see him dance.