8 - Some Random Apps (Links)

Aug 4, 2009 in ,

Haha, I'm just going to talk about some random apps for Mac that I love... All of 'em are freeware lolz. Some of them, like the calculator and stuff are default apps, so I'm not gonna post links for those...

Yeah, I'm kinda bored, and don't feel like writing... Haha. So, here we go...



So, as you can see, my countdowns are in my dashboard haha. Along with the weather, a few world clocks... And, uhm, a calculator, something to resize pics (Image Shackle), a currency converter... Word of the day thingy that works for Dictionary and UrbanDictionary and a bunch of other dictionaryish sites haha. And there's this app (the little red thing) called Symbol Caddy that I like 'cuz it gives you the web codes for some symbols just by clicking on it... but it doesn't have a whole bunch of symbols lol. There's a website with a whole lot more though... click here to go to it. And, uh, yeah haha.



I really, really, really love URLwell because it likes, get rids of a whole bunch of bookmarks on your bookmark bar, but it's still there... well, it doesn't automatically get rid of it, but after you copy/paste it there and delete it from your bookmarks bar, yeah, haha. And you probably already know about Caffeine, but it just keeps you Mac from darkening or falling asleep when you don't touch it... And and and, JumpCut!! I LOVE JUMPCUT. You know how sometimes you copy something, copy something else then remember you forgot to paste the first something? JumpCut kinda records like, all of what you've copied, then you can paste it whenever, lol. And WeatherBug... it's yeah, a weather thing lol. Ahhz, I can't find the link... just Google it or something lolz.

Other Apps

Hmm, I'm not sure which other apps you'll like, because I've got quiteeeee a few lol. Uhm, obviously you should know Adium... which is just like, a chat client for EVERYTHING, AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, and... I don't remember what else lol. OH! I just remembered. You know how annoying it is when you click the green + button on your window and it doesn't enlarge? It just like, reposition it or whatever. Just download/open Right Zoom and you should be able to enlarge like it should. iClip Lyrics is just awesome!! It's for iTunes. If you open it while a song is playing, it'll automatically download the lyrics for you. The lyrics will go to your iPod, too. Uh oh, I just checked and it got changed to shareware... But, yeah... That's a diff version from the one I have though. I also use TuneLyrics.

Haha I just realized either I deleted a whole bunch of apps, or I don't have as many as I thought. Which is good lol because that means I have more space... Trust me, when you use too much memory, your computer hates you lol. Been there, done that on my PC.

Here's a sum up of all the apps. I don't feel like searchin' for all of the links again, so just do command+F (control+F) and type in the app name lol.

Image Shackle
Currency Converter
Word of the day thingy
Symbol Caddy
Right Zoom
iClip Lyrics