It's Weird How

Aug 25, 2009 in

I never blog about the important things in my life... Haha well I ain't starting it now. I believe the only real life event I ever blogged about was meeting David (EEEEK SEUHSERTYPOJERTYH) lol. Except, like, what I ate for dinner and whatnot.

Eh, I'm gonna blog about what I did today.

Today, I made a new sn on AIM 'cuz my old one was too... boring. And what else did I do today? I got some new songs, and just realized that I've got like 50 more songs than I did like 2 weeks ago lol. I usually get like 1 new song a week so that's weird. But my iPod can hold like, 4,000 songs or something, so w/e. I've got too little songs anyways. I need more.

I just realized that David sings 'little' like 'leeeeetle' in Don't Let Go lol.

Eww, I'm rambling. It's nicer when David rambles lol.

Double eww, no ones been tweeting.

Song(s) of the day: Radio Radio - Brooke White/Down - Jay Sean