Oh, And

Aug 25, 2009 in

I also realized that I've got way too many unplayed songs in my iTunes. Mostly Hannah Montana ones I downloaded from my CD lol. I used to be obsessedddd with I Got Nerve but then AI season 7 started and I forgot about everything except Jesse McCartney lol.

Ooh, I needa go search for Jesse in iTunes to see if I've got all of his songs.

OHHHHH and yesterday I subscribed to some podcasts. o.o

Oh man, I use O.o so much but like never use it on here. o.o <--- I LOVE THE AWKWARD FACE SMILEY 'CUZ I'M AWKWARD.


Well THAT wasn't awkward. o.o Haha I feel crazyish today.

EDIT: Shoot, I don't have all of his songs. That's what happens when you don't sign up for your fave artistses' forums. Or forget to Google them. Not counting David, duh. I was talking about Jesse... my 2nd fave artist. Not that I'm obsessed with him. Seriously, I'm not.

Dangit, that sounded like I was obsessed with Jesse, WHICH I AM NOT...

Ok, enough weirdness. Bye. Or not.