Sep 1, 2009 in ,

Why, oh why must I be so terrible at these things??


Btw, in the process of searching for that pic, I found a pic of a cute little mouse... Though why on earth I found that, I've got no idea. Maybe its' name was Chopstick... But why would a mouse be named chopstick? I'd post the pic here too but Photobucket is only letting me upload for some reason... I can view images from the search engine. o.o

Anyways, back to why I fail at using chopsticks.

I mean EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON I KNOW (under the age of like, 7). CAN USE. THESE DARN THINGS.

Chopsticks hateeeeee me.

David can use chopsticks.

I fail at using chopsticks, big time. I need to go for a 5 hour class on how to use chopsticks badly.

EDIT: Also, I had theseeee yummy things.