How To Get The Direct Download Link In MediaFire

Oct 29, 2009 in

M'k, I don't know about you, but I prefer letting people download files straight from my blog and never leaving my blog page, OR opening a new page. The way I do it is pretty simple, but it might take a few attempts...

You can upload files without signing up, but you'll have to save your own file link, otherwise it'll just get lost in their files... or you can get an account in MediaFire (the free one, not the pro), verify it, and all those things that come with signing up on a site. Upload your file - there's a giant UPLOAD button on the home page. Then, go to your file page, and download it. But right after you download it, you'll see the URL of your page change. Screencap it (Command+Shift+3 to screencap the entire screen for Macs, which is way easier). If your internet's real fast, you're going to have to try a good few times before you can get a proper screencap... Once you've got it, type it down somewhere, and copy it. Then, copy/paste the below to wherever you want it to be.

<a href="URL of download">click here</a>

Replace URL of download with the URL you got from the screencap, and replace click here with whatever you want, or you can just leave it there. And... tada! All done!