A Little Update

Oct 26, 2009 in , ,

  • My IP address is still banned on TinyPic.
  • I'm making a new blog/site.
  • I made/customized 2 blogs for some people.
  • TinyPic still hates me.
  • I made a new Flickr account.
  • I watched Finding Nemo last night.

And today I thought I might use WordPress, so I made a new account. Then I started shivering, because I felt like a traitor. Blogger is my love, and that will never change. Nevertheless, I kept using it. Then I felt the betrayal was way too much to handle, and tried to delete my account. Then I found this.

There is no way to delete WordPress.com accounts. Before you contact support, please understand that there are no security risks associated with this policy. Your account information is not visible anywhere on WordPress.com. If you wish to leave WordPress.com, simply leave the account inactive. It will not be used in any way.
That fails that you can't delete it. Whatever, WordPress. My loyalty is to Blogger.