You And I Both Know

Nov 12, 2009 in ,

A/N: Hope you like this one... I like writing things in letter form sometimes, haha.

To my dearest love,

I know you hate me for what I did to you – for leaving you. But don’t you see?! I did it for you! You were destined for greater things than being with me. And now you’re who you are, don’t you see why I did it? You’ve got your own family now; your own life.

And me, I’m still where I was, over a decade ago. Just a small town girl, who will always have her destiny laid out for her.

I’m sorry I left you, and I’m even more sorry that it had to be that way, but you and I both know that I did it for you.

A week ago, I saw you. You were with your family, sending your little girl to school. She’s adorable, you know. Of course you do. You have absolutely no idea, how much I wish I could be part of your family, but I can’t. You and I both know that.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, and even if I say it a million times over, I’ll never say it enough. But I did it for you. You’re happier now, without me, than you could’ve ever been with me, so I guess I’ll keep comforting myself with that fact.

Your forever