21 More Hours

Dec 14, 2009 in , ,

Uhm, yeah, about to explode here lol.

Ahhhhhz, I just downloaded 30 fonts, and I DO mean 30. Gah! kevinandamanda.com is wayyy too addicting!! I always tell myself 'just 5 fonts', but I always end up with like, at least 15 haha. Oh well. The site rocks, end of story.

There's this font called Gunsuh, and I really want it but I can't seem to find it... They said it's a GIMP/Photoshop font, but I don't have it! Maybe it's a PC thing *Googles again*. Ahh! I found it, but it IS  a windows font!! Dangit.

Oh well, I've got other fonts haha. XD

So, what's everyone doing for Christmas?