Chinese Weddings

Dec 7, 2009 in , ,

Mk, my cousin got married yesterday, and I figured I'd make a blog post. First off;

Congrats to the happy couple!!

So we got there - Sekinchan, or at least I THINK that's how you spell it - at about... 4:30pm, then we sat around and talked - well I didn't talk anyways, 'cuz I was trying to figure out who was whose kid - then my KL uncle came, then we went to the dinner place, and waited for them to tell everyone who's sitting where, and laughed a whole lot.

Then uhm, the speakers were turned on, and yeahh, like about 98% of Chinese weddings, were reaaaaally loud. Then everyone started squinting at the noise lol.

After that, old people started singing haha. One, after another, and another, and another... Then, FINALLY the food came...

Aaaaand, the old people were still singing. They were actually pretty good, but yeahh, not exactly my fave type of music *shudders*.

Anyyyways, it was LOUD lmao.