The Last Chapter Book Launch!!

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Ok, and let the recap of the 15th Dec '09... BEGIN!!

I got up... at my usual time, then I ate breakfast and all that, popped two a single bubble into my mouth, then we left for Mid Valley, got there, then got lost 'cause that place is H-U-G-E. Then FINALLY, we found a place to park, when in search successfully of MPH, and thankfully made it there about 10 mins early or so. When we got there, Ros - my BC teacher - was already there, and for the first time I noticed she pierced one of her ears 3 times even though she said they've been there since before she started teaching me. Guess I need to look at my teachers' ears more closely next time hahaz.

Anyways, we met Ai Mee, Alan, Teo, Sze Mei, and almost all of the amazing people that made the publishing of my book possible, except for a few who couldn't make it... Then we met Eliza, who's pretty cool haha. She had really nice sunglasses...

The MPH Group Director was there too! Along with the president of CWS, which was pretty cool lol.

Then, Esther called to ask where it was, then one of my aunts texted to say that she could find a car park... THEN, we went back in to the Pulitzer Corner (yes, the same one you always see in pics that MPHClick posts of events lol) and there were a group of *youngish, like mostly under 20* people that were there, that were from a church. I'll post a group pic later lol.

When everyone arrived and all that, Teo made a speech that made me giggle 'cause he said 'unspoken words'. Uhm, check my header lol. I loveeeed that bit. Then, the president of CWS said a speech, which was really nice... Next, was my turn and there's a vid of it, so I'm not gonna describe that lol.

AFTER THAT... WAS THE ACTUAL LAUNCH!! AND YES, I'LL STOP THE CAPS THING RIGHT now. It was basically me signing a giant sized version of my book haha. It was reeeally cool!!

Here's a vid of that...

After that, I signed for everyone, which was really cool/fun/interesting lol.

AND, AND, AND, AND... there was a girl named Alicia there too!! That was rather odd, but so friggin awesome/fun haha.

Also, my uncle Timothy and aunt Sally weren't able to come... I'd have kidnapped them here if I could HAHAHA. But I believe that there was 2 Timothies there lol. Which was rather interesting. There was also a David!! Yeah, I think I turned about 5 shades of red when I heard his name.

After the launch, some of us went to lunch together, then a few of us went for celebratory ice cream lol.

Ok, and this last part made me scream. We were on our way to the car, and we passed the center court and they had those Christmas deco there, and a stage thingy, and what do I hear above all of the people talking loudly and my iPod?! DAVID'S THE FIRST NOEL!! Of all things, they played David!! Uhm, yeah, that just rounded off my day with a touch of David to it lolz.

So, I guess this is the end of my super long post!! I'll blog soon again!!

Love always. :)

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Anonymous said...


not your ordinary blogger; said...

hi there alicia....i've just finished reading it! overall I am quite satisfied with it. keep up the good job and all the best to u..merry xmas & happy new year.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your book. I ate after I brushed my teeth, and it was 1 AM when I finished it. I uually read 1 chapter of a book before I go to bed(otherwise I can't sleep). But I had to finish the book all the way to The Last Chapter. The book was very interesting. But, are you going to make a sequel(though it's called The Last Chapter) The Last Chapter made a lot of mysteries but didn't explain most of them.
Oh yeah, what hapens to Jaeson?

Anonymous(OR NOT >:D)
PS: Happy New Year.