Random Update

Dec 23, 2009 in , ,

This isn't gonna be a very useful post, k? K.

I love how I've got 5+ posts starting with random, btw. Oh, and you know what sucks? When part of your ARM is numb, even though you went for SPINE surgery. Well, that part doesn't bother me all that much, but what I haaaate is when I get a mosquito bite where it's numb. Like, you can feel the itch 100%, but you need to scratch 75832 times harder to so much as FEEL anything. Or you can find a spot on your leg 3 feet away from the itch that when you scratch, makes the itch go away.

Omgg ouch my stomach hurts all of a sudden. *10 mins later* phew, it's gone. I've been paaaranoid of stomach aches ever since I got 2 really bad I-think-I'm-going-to-die aches last year lol. Stupid brace upset my stomach more than I'd have liked. Did you know that I wanted to buy a chain saw just to saw it in half?!? I. HATED. That. Thing. But I settled for a rubbish dump instead hahaz.

Bahh, now I feel like a toddler who's teething lol. My gums feel so... itchy. o.o

Eww, you know what? This whole post is TMI *crosses out*.

*Sigh* I can't believe David's turning 19 in less than a week!! I remember how he was when he was just 16... He was so little then!! And now he's almost 19. 3 whole years older!! Whoa, I can't believe it's been 3 years since he first auditioned for AI. Time just flies when you're happy, doesn't it? This year has flown by for me. I feel like I lost all of the 6 months we were in the USA...

Oh, and btw, a certain Mr. Ritchie (check previous post), should be making a guest post within the next few weeks because

  • It's about time I do a guest post
  • It sounds fun
  • He said yes
So, yeahhhhhhhhh lol.

On to my next 2 posts.