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Mk, instead of like, making 5 posts, I'm just gonna post one long one, in order of when it happened in gigantic font lol.


On Thursday, we (Esther, my mom, and me) went to 1Utama, bought tickets, then we had to wait for like, 2 hours, so we figured we'd go to MPH and search for my book lol. And guess what?! My book was in the  New Releases section right below Zac Efron. My mom was like 'look! Your book's there!' but I saw Zac first lol. HAHAHA. It was fun lol.

Now on to the actual movie hahaz. It was really nice! I see why it took 13 years (I think) to make. The animation was really cool lol. They had some night scenes, and they had like... glowing flowers? Stuff like that lol. You should really go and watch it!!

Fundraiser Last Night

Last night, TA hosted a fundraiser for my medical fund, which was really awesome of them to do. It started at... about 8pm, and finished at about 11pm. Uncle Tony Tiah was there, and his wife! Her name's Alicia too haha. Somewhere between the food, they managed to sell The Last Chapter, so I had a little book signing session lolz.

Then... Uncle Tony gave a REALLY awesome speech, followed by my dad, then Uncle Tony again. After that, there was an auction of paintings, a scarf, and a couple of golf sets, which was super fun hahaz. I laughed a lot then... It was funny lol.

Just before it ended, me, my mom, and my dad said thanks to everyone, then we got to talk to some really awesome people.

When we got into the car, it was 11:12 haha. Yeahh, we missed 11:11 by probably about 20 secs.

Bye For Realz Now, 2 Teeth!!

Before I got them out, we went for Japanese with my uncle/aunt aka the food that I've been wanting to eat for the past 2 months AND a last goodbye meal to my teeth.

Then I got them pulled out... It hurt, obviously. My dentist was Eugene, and he was really good lol. But still, not exactly painless... It hurt like, the second I got out of the dental office, sadly, then in the car it started to hurt quiiiiite a lot, and since we had a few errands and whatnot to do, I took the first nap since dinosaurs roamed lol. Yeahhhh, haven't had a nap since I was reeeaaally little.

An now, I wanna change my blog layout... I'm thinking it's too black haha. Yeah, Imma go search for a whitish one now, then spend the rest of the year customizing it lol. Dangit, I forgot a lot of the html things!!

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Rayne said...

hey alicia. u are tottally awesome. i was there at the book launch with the church... i was one of the 'young ppl'. im the same age as u. hope to be pen pals! lol...

Kritika said...

Hey Alicia,just like May i hope to be penpals! LOLX

Alicia said...

Hey May & Crystal!

Haha I don't do PEN pals, keyboard pals is more like it lol. :p