Twitter Blackout!!

Dec 18, 2009 in , ,

As of this moment (3:00pm +8GMT), Twitter is still down, and has been down for about the past hour. Twitter fanatics (also known as #tweetoholics by some) all over the world are crying out helplessly as they constantly refresh the well known micro blogging site, which was founded in 2006 after a brainstorm conducted by the podcasting company, Odeo. Currently, the company (Twitter) has raised over USD$57 million from venture capitalists and the estimated value is USD$1.7 billion.

The entire site is down, including the About page, amongst many others. Third party Twitter applications used to tweet remotely from computers without going to the actual website, such as TweetDeck, Tweetie, and Twitterific, to name a few, are also not functioning.

Crashes come often, for this fast growing community. A crash is almost garranteed to be seen at least once a week, but most times, the infamous Fail Whale appears for about a minute before the site - and everything else - is back. However, I have a strange feeling that this is no ordinary crash due to it being over capacitated.

Tweetoholics are no doubt shaking their once beloved computers, laptops, and phones to see Twitter whir back into live and action. The site was hacked - along with FaceBook - earlier this year, causing many frantic tweetoholics to go in a state of panic. Thankfully, the quick Twitter team managed to get the site up and running again within the next 2 days. Perhaps someone has finally decided to hack Twitter again? But when it'll come back up, no one knows. We all hope for the safe return of our much loved Twitter.