Wish I Could Love You

Dec 24, 2009 in ,

A/N: Just wrote this 5 mins ago... Wouldn't say I did much editing, but I just have to post it. Hope you like it anyways...

I've had this poem stuck in me for a very long time, but somehow I could never get it out the right way. All my previous attempts failed miserably, but I think this is somewhat good.


I feel you getting beneath
My skin,
Slowly, surely.

I feel myself smile
Every time I see you,
And every time you look at me
Though I try my best
Not to.

You’re making me
Wish I could love you,
But I can’t;
No – I can’t fall in love this way,
Not again.

My heart would break
Over and over
Without a doubt
And this time,
I wouldn’t come out
In one piece,
And this would be inevitable.

But still,
I wish I could love you.

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Anonymous said...

T^T...I cried reading this..
You're amazing for a very young age..

Himmat Singh said...

Fantastic peoms you write. I will surely get your novel in the near future. For a girl that is 13 years of age, your writing talents are amazing. I am 16 btw and I love writing too but I am not really into poems. I am more into short stories, reviews and opinion writing. Keep up the good work and in due time you shall get international recognition.

Alicia said...

Anonymous - Thank you so much. :)

Hinmat - Thanks! In case you were wondering, click The Last Chapter's tab on my menubar to see where you can find it. :)