Bangkok Recap

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I'm FINALLY back and on my Mac after being separated for a week. That part was absolute torture lol. I miss my lovely keyboard. You didn't miss me, right? I knew you wouldn't haha. Anyway, guess I'd better start on my recap now.

Before I start, Imma just name everyone anonymously, k? 'Cause idk if they'll let me use their names and whatnot lol. I forgot to ask -.-

KL uncle/aunt - uncle KC & aunt LL
Ipoh uncle/aunt - uncle T & aunt S
HK uncle/aunt - uncle A & aunt K
HK cousins - N (girl, 10) NS (boy, 5)

Ok, now that that's out of the way, I can begin lol.

The first day, we flew with KC & LL while my Ipoh ones went by like, an 18 hour route (don't ask). One of the air stewards looked like David! I got a pic with him but I look blech in it so I cropped myself out lol.

Well, he doesn't look like it in the pic, but whatever lol.

When we were at the airport, I'm like, 99.99% sure I saw Andrew Zimmern. You know, Bizarre Foods on Travel & Living? Yeah, that guy. Then we checked in, sat around and stared at the TV for a bit while shouting about T & S "WHERE ARE THEY?! THEY SHOULD'VE BEEN HERE AN HOUR AGO!!" "They probably went to get some food", then celebrating when they finally got there after their expedition by train/bus/plane/taxi lol. After that, we all went for dinner, then me and N talked and whatnot. We didn't really do much the first day hahaz.

OH. On the way back from dinner, we had this freaking SCARY taxi driver. Like, we got in, then 10 secs later, he was screaming "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT". And I'm not even kidding. It was freaking scary.


On the second day, we went out at 8am to Safari World, and it took an hour to get there... But it was a big van, so the whole ride was loud and fun hahaz. Once we got there we had to wait for half an hour for the tour guide to get tickets and whatnot haha. THEN we went in, saw geese, hippos (even though KC insisted they were rhinos, and T insisted they were elephants -.-), and other animals like that lol. Then we went through this gate thing, and went into an open enclosure where they had lions... THEY COULD'VE KILLED US. But it wasn't scary for some reason hahaz.

Well, that's some of the pics anyway... I sure hope they're showing up in the right size and everything.

Then, we tried to make it to the Orangutan show, but we missed it so we went straight to the sea lions and it was so CUTE!! The dolphins and belugas were next, and I was so freaking excited because I've been waiting all my life to see dolphins lmao. It was funnnnnn. They were jumping through hoops and the rest of all that. The trainers stood on the belugas and rode them! I had a blast lol. Barely noticed the sweltering heat.

We went to feed the giraffes too! Well, me, my mom, N, NS, and K went anyway. LL already went... N brought a lotttt of bananas with her (again, don't ask) so we found sticks, and fed it to them lol. I managed to feed like, 7, and no, giraffes did not lick me, thankfully.

That night, we went for dinner at the place T has been talking about for the past 2 months, had seafood... it was pretty yummy lol.

Me and N had a sleepover, and we talked about random things lol. It was a very inteeeeeresting night to say the very least. It was also a whole lot of fun.

On Wednesday, we didn't have anything planned, but we somehow ended up in Siam Paragon. Didn't buy anything, but me, my dad, N, NS, and A went for the underwater thingy. Whole lot better than Singapore haha.

And I made a few penguins dance!! I held up a popcorn to the glass and they decided they could eat it so they followed my hand lmao. It was rather amusing.

So after that we all met for lunch at the Magic Food Court, and of course, what did I eat? I had Phad Thai, duh! It's basically kuew teow with sweet/sour/spicy sauce, and a diff type of noodle. In other words, next time David comes to Malaysia, he is soooo eating kuew teow. Even if I have to fight through 50 guards to get at him. HE IS EATING KUEW TEOW EVEN THOUGH IDK HOW TO SPELL IT *nods*. Ok David, if you're reading this, please don't be scared of me. o.o

Hmm, we didn't really do much after that. We just went back, talked a whole lot, then some of them went out while me, my mom, N and NS stayed back lol. I had fried rice just plain because I can never resist it. EVER. Then everyone came back and complained that the food wasn't all the great haha. They brought back mango sticky rice though. That was pretty good. Me and N were just talking and occasionally saying how the other person needed to get a brain check HAHAHAHA. Well, neither of us are supposed to talk about what we talked about so *zips lips*.

NS is so freaking CUTE now! He's like a little squirrel. Yeah, that's it. An adorable little smushable squirrel *squishes*.

EEEEEEKKKK! David is on DiGi Top 20 Countdown now!! TMH is playing!! So hot David. *Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees like Rach does* Can't the muuuuusic stopppp. Feeeeeling eeeeeend. I'll never see you agaaaaain... Only me only you and the baaaaaaand. "Thanks Malaysia" - David Archuleta.

For Thursday, we had tour again, so we went out at 8am again, went to the floating market, which was really hot but really cool. ESPECIALLY HOW I GOT IN A BOAT FOR 40 MINUTES AND DID NOT:

A) Drown
B) Break a bone
C) Get wet.

After that, we went to the elephant/croc farm. I fed an elephant named Rooney some bananas and sugar canes lol. Well, more happened, but Imma just let the pics say it all.

Then we had dinner pretty early, and I liked what I ate lol. Then we went back, I got on the computer down at the business centre for a little while where I went crazy tweeting, and went back up, my cousins came over, me and N talked a laughed so loud our neighbors probably thought we were either crazy, drunk or both lol. Loud hotels neighbors, David? Think of us. Yeah, N laughs a LOT. We talked until midnight, then got up to watch fireworks, and I was screaming at everyone to teach me how to sing Auld Lang Syne. I still don't know how to sing it. -.-

On the 1st (and the day when I got off my hiatus *applause*) me, my parents, T and S went to the hospital, talked, discussed and other whatnot, and discovered that they'd cut off about 1cm of my leg bone. First I get stunted short from spine surgery, then I'm gonna get shorter. Greeeeeaaaaaaaaaaat. I'm gonna be a shortie. Then, we went shopping, though idr what the place was called lol. We got some tshirts for relatives... and I got this adorable blue bracelet lol. We split into 2 groups, but somehow we found each other even though Bangkok has a population of 12m. N came over, we talked, we laughed, we hugged goodbye, then I went out, watched TV and whatnot, then slept lol.

Then yesterday we went shopping at the ADORABLE little shop called NaRaYa. It was so freaking cute lol.

After that, we went back, got ready, then went to the airport lol. Our flight got delayed. -.- When we did get on the plane, my mom took a few pics which seems like the perfect end-of-super-long-post/recap pic hahaz.

It was an AWESOME trip lol. I love everyone haha. Family "bonding" as KC puts it hahaz.

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eric said...

Hi, Alicia... how are you there? Well, just went through your blog... wah.. am look so ugly... hahahhaaa..... still remember me? yes, am the flight attendant on ur flight.... the one that you said i look like "Dxxxx" hahahahha..... anyway you really have a good trip in bangkok i guess.... do keep in touch... love to listen ur story more...

Alicia said...

Heyy!! *waves*

Yes, I do remember you lol. 'Twas a very interesting flight...

Haha I'd happily repost if you sent/linked me a new pic. :)

And... I HAD AN AMAZING TIME IN BANGKOK. It was fun hahaz.

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch David Archuleta, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.