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There's an article about The Last Chapter in Niexter, NST out today, so go get a copy! I can't take a pic because I don't have the hard copy (yet), but I managed to find a couple of links!

When Dreams Come True (an article I wrote)

I can't seem to find the Niexter one, though! Guess we'll just have to get a hard copy lolz.

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Himmat Singh said...

Yes...they didnt upload the Niexter write-up on you...dunno how come.

Anyways, great one on you today Alicia...you are an amazing girl, with great writing potential among others.

God Bless all your future undertakings and whatever you do...look forward to you writing some stuff for Niexter too. :)

Alicia said...

Maybe they'll upload it later or something haha.

Thanks, and same to you, too! :)

Spire said...

You really are a strong girl.

Only 13 yet have gone through many obstacles. Also, a very talented writer. I am still searching for your book though, hope to find one fast.

Anyway, nice blog.

Keep on writing.....

Alicia said...

Hi Spire,

Oops, sorry for the late reply! I know that there're quite a few copies in the 1Utama MPH. :)