David Possibly to Cebu (Phili)

Jan 9, 2010 in

Eeeeek, check out what I found!!

"Yesterday’s been CRAZY! We got word from @shineninstar, one of the Pinoy Archies in Cebu, that David Archuleta, David Cook and Nicole Scherzinger are set to have a concert on February 5, 2010 in SM City Cebu Open Ground. Here’s a scan of the news article, also from Shine :) ThanksSHINE!
Ms. BETH DAVID is the producer.


Today, we got more news from @shineninstar!

ARCHIES. Got news from the Producer. YES IT’S TRUE! However, they still don’t have prices for the tickets (so hindi sha FREE concert. LOL ;P), The venue is not yet “final” (it’s the same venue as Kris Allen’s concert - on the same date? Impossible!). — I have a feeling the date is not yet final din (Jordin’s charity event with D is on Feb. 3-4).

Sooooo, we got a confirmation yet the date and venue is not yet final!
Cebu Archangels, it’s about time isn’t it?! :D
Manila Archangels and the rest of the Philippines, we’re gonna fly to CEBUUUU as soon as everything’s been set and final! Haha.
Let’s wait and see what the coming days will bring us!
Let’s all hope for the best!"


Omg, if he's really going there... DAVID MAKE A PITSTOP AT MALAYSIA PRETTY PWEASEEE!! Then I'll find you and take you for our version of Phad Thai aka char kuew teow aka my fave food EVER!! ;) Or I could sneak in a giant bag, be checked in into a plane, then hunt you down and fight through all of the guards because I'm not a black belt. Take your pick haha. Jk. But seriously. Comee!!