Eeeeek!! Justin Williams

Jan 15, 2010 in ,

I watched the AI auditions last night, and I've got a couple of favorites so far lol. Luke, Benjamin, Katie, and... Justin Williams. I like Luke and Benjamin... I think they came together or something haha. Katie's just plain sweet!

Now, to the main person of this post, Justin Williams!! He seems like an AWESOME person, AND he's got a cover of Crush up on YouTube!! He also had cancer 7 years ago... Had, mind you. Anyway, I LOVE his cover! Sure, he got parts of the lyrics wrong, but he made it his own! Changed it up to rock, and pulled it off, which I think is really cool. So, without any more rambling, the vid:

Don't you love it? I do I do I do!!

But, much to my devastation, he is a 28 y/o man, and I'm age here. Which means that I WILL NOT fangirl over him!! I will NOT start thinking about him. NO!! I'm done with fangirling over people wayy older than me. Well, not done done, considering David and all, but I reh-fuuuuuuse to START fangirling  over anyyyyyyone more than 3 years older than me.

All of this just begs the question of WHY do I not love Justin Bieber? I have noooooooo idea, but I just plain don't feel the hype lol.

Now I've gotten off topic, huh? Oh well. Here's to hoping that I DON'T fangirl over a totally awesome 28 y/o!!

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Rocking_Paramore_Girl said...

U don't like Justin Bieber?? Aww, too bad... I'm fangirling over him!!! <3 ... I so love your book!!! I love Justin Bieber cuz his songs r so romantic.. <3.. Anyway, u rock!

Alicia said...

I sorta "like" his music because it's REALLY REALLY REALLY addicting, but I'm not crazy over him lol.

Aww, thanks!! Glad you like my book! :)