Hello, Humans

Jan 29, 2010 in

The name's Allyn, (ahem, before you think it's weird, say it aloud) and I hail from the planet of iLand. We are a diverse people and our total population amounts to about 57m. That's 16k in our capital of iPodtopia. I shall be invading Alicia's blog for a bit until she figures out what the heck to blog about that's interesting.

Lemme tell you more about iLand. The most important thing you need to know about us as a people, of course, is what we call ourselves. We're called the iLanders. When we intoduce ourselves, we just say "iAllyn". Our native language is English, though that's about where our similarities end with the planet Earth, however, most of our scholars have mastered Earth's main languages, too.

Our environment is beautiful, but our trees and such vary differently from Earth. Nature is green, yes, but our plants have a sort of glow around them.

I will continue this introduction to iLand soon, but ta for now!