Highlights of '09

Jan 4, 2010 in ,

Last night, I dreamt that I tweeted either person A, or person B about David 2/3 times lol. I CLEARLY remember typing "he's turning twenTY"!! The biggest part I remember was capitalizing the TY in twenTY. I was whining the whole time that he's turning too old for me lol. Yeah, I'm really depressed he's getting old hahaz. Yeah, he'll be 20, and I'll be 21/14/11/13 note my hopeless attempt to continue age anonymity. That's a briiiiilliant age combo because a *random age* year old girl should so fangirl over a 20 year old.

Oh, and just so you know, the rest of this post is gonna be me complaining/venting/whining/moaning/grumbling about age, so you can just whatever lol. *Changes title from "Odd, Odd Dream" to "I Hate Ages"*

WHY must age be so weird? I mean, wouldn't it be so awesome if we could just change our age when we want to? We can stay the same, but just the NUMBER changes, you know? THAT would be great.

Bah, I remember when David auditioned at age 16 and I watched it on YouTube when I was uhh... younger. *Sighhh* I remember when I had a really bad stomach ache and all I did for like, 5 days was press 'replay' on YouTube for Shop Around. Ahhhz, I used to be so obsessed with that song it wasn't even funny. And I remember when Crush first came out. Don't you? The nail biting, the staring at your computer yelling at it to load, and the major squealing when you heard it, AND read the lyrics. I'll NEVER forget that.

Then there was the time before his album debuted. The temptation was too much for me lol. I caved in to Desperate just 3 days before. And the 30 sec My Hands and TMH demos. I didn't hear the rest though hahaz. After that ordeal, I don't even want to resist anymore. I listened to ALL the CFTH leaks and whatnot lmao. Yeahhh, I'm weak.

Oh, gosh, then the cellcasts. DUSTIN I MISS YOUR CELLCASTS AND YOUR DOG BARKING IN THE BACKGROUND AND THAT GIGANTIC POSTER ON YOUR DOOR AND YOUR CRAZY DANCING. Omg, then when he sang Desperate live. I was listening to that cellcast. It was so freaking amazing. THE first time, and I heard it. How he changed it up a little... *chills*. And Bubbly. When he sang Bubbly... whoa. Don't you remember it? I remember it all like it was yesterdayayayayayyy.

And because of David, all my "days" have ayayayayyayyyy behind them lmao.

You know what? I'm changing this post title to "Highlights of '09".

Of course, there was meeting David. HELLO, never gonna forget that day, EVERRRRRR. *Sigh* David was... *uses colorful adjectives that she doesn't feel like thinking of right now*. OMG which reminds me of some convo I had on AIM. Someoneee said LAFers used a whole lot of adjectives hahahaha.

You know what? I'm just gonna continue this some other time lolz.

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Himmat Singh said...

Hello ALicia. I just received an email from NST so before I get my head cracking on what to write regarding an issue of Niexter, just dropping by to say hi to you.