Ikan Bilis

Jan 7, 2010 in ,

No, you aren't crazy, or just imagining things. This is a blog post about stinky little fried fish, because I LOVE THEM. Yes, I'm finally coming out and admitting that I'VE GOT AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION OVER IKAN BILIS.

(Found this pic via Google)

Don't believe me? Lemme tell you a liiiittle true story. When I was in the USA, and my mom cooked porridge or whatever, I'd stare forlornly at my bowl and wish that I could put a heap of ikan bilis on it. Then I started talking to my aunt on Skype every single day about how much I missed it. I was going over the edge missing my ikan bilis lol. Thennnnnn, we FINALLY convinced my dad to come for San Diego, and somehow a reaaaally big bottle of ikan bilis from my aunt found its way to KL, then to my mouth! Mmmm, best meal ever being reunited with lovely smelly ikan bilis haha.

And now, I believe you're thinking about putting me in rehab to cure my addiction to ikan bilis.