Me With Braces

Jan 23, 2010 in ,

I got braces done on Thursday… Well, just the top ones anyway. Doing the bottom ones in March when I go for tightening and whatnot. I was freaking hyper that day cause my mom has been drilling it into me that they like, drilled holes into your gums then had screws somewhere in your mouth, and all that happened was a bunch of glue that tasted really terrible. Yeah, thanks mom. I've had a phobia of that since I was like 7 lol. Ahhz well. Anyway, it doesn't really hurt unless I eat… But what's weird is that the left side hurts like, almost none when I eat, but the right side HURTS A LOT. It's reaaaally weird.

So, uhm, since I feel like it, here's a pic hahaz. Be prepared for me looking like an idiot. Oh, and I've been seriously digging the words "idiot" and "fool lately.

Taken by my lovely Mac's Photobooth hahaz. Gotta love built in webcams!!