Writers' Block

Jan 9, 2010 in , ,

A/N: Wrote this quite a while ago, and I posted it over at WC, but I forgot to put it here, for some reason. This piece is written based on personal experience, and is pretty close to my heart. I really hope you like it!

Definition: A psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece of writing.

That, is an understatement. One thing everyone leaves out in the writing world is the infamous writers block. They don’t tell you how crippling it is, when one day you realize that you just can’t write anymore. How much it hurts when you stare in at your piece of paper – or screen – and your mind just turns blank. No one ever talks about that time when you just need to write, and you’re having the block. They don’t say how it’s like to write without a passion, joy, and the privilege of being able to so much as think. Or, when writing feels like torture.

No – all these things, they tell no one. The immense suffering, the months of living with a blank mind… hidden from the rest of the world. They tell you the joys of writing – the freedom, and how great it feels to express your feelings, but they don’t tell you that the block takes your emotions away with it. With creativity, comes emotions – at least for me – and with the block, I am nothing but a shell.

There will come a time, during this block, when the thick fog is lifted from your mind, and word by word, a sentence forms, then, one paragraph – two, three… And just when you think the worse is over, and you’re finally starting to breathe freely again, you shut down again, and like before, the fog surrounds all corners of your mind, leaving you no space to explore, and no way to overcome it.

The worst part of it all, is when it ends – when one day, you realize that once again you can write, but not the way you want to. It comes in a gush – the inspiration, the characters, the words – all of it. There is no control, and there is no stopping it. All you can do, is pray this blessed version of torture lasts.

This, is an illness that comes only with being a writer.