Just Reminiscing...

Feb 1, 2010 in

Oh man, I remember when I was still writing Relapse!… I miss that old thing lol. It was doing pretty good on LAF… then I just stopped. Gosh, I remember putting it on hiatus, then releasing little one shot thing for it, then… taking it off hiatus but never really finishing it. Even though I promised I would. Ahhz, I will, some day!!

Then there was Moment (first ever short story! Gotta say I was pretty happy with the results), Fireflies, The Waters, Waking Up In Vegas (yeah, that one ain't gonna see the light of the day), uhm… what else were there? OOH!! Somebody Out There, and… Chasing. That's all I can remember right now hahaz.

Relapse! had a sequel… and a triquel or whatever. Well, I was planning the third one. It was going to be a beautiful sad forbidden love story. The sequel was sad enough lol. I left my characters in a shack. Poor characters. There was this whole thing with the girl's father and everybody hated the man with a passion. Gosh. Good old Relapse! days. Oh, and yes, it DOES have to end with an exclamation mark.

Writing Chasing was so EASY. I don't really know why, but it was so simple lol. I've been waiting to write like that again for a long, long time. Chasing's actually 2 parts, if you didn't know. I just combined it to make life easier for my blog readers lol. In case you didn't read my little A/N, the whole thing was based on Lifehouse's music video for You And Me. The title's of the story's pretty obvious, eh? It wasn't meant to have a part 3, but then I was kinda, ahem, forced to write part 3. I don't remember if I ever finished it though. I know if I did then didn't do part 4, it'd have been a cliff hanger lol. Yes, I do like cliff hangers, BUT ONLY IF I'M DOING THEM HAHAHAHA.

Ahhz, it's kinda nice reminiscing of all of these old stories I used to write. You can actually find some of these under Portfolio! Well I guess this ends my little trip down memory lane.