Feb 1, 2010 in ,

There's this cool little app that I found over at Mac Tips And Tricks (click the link to find some download pages for this app too) called MousePath which was developed by Anatoly Zenkov. What it does is that it just tracks where your cursor goes over the time that you open the app, and when you're done, just click s, and it'll be saved as a .tif file. However, it doesn't save on your desktop so you're going to have to use Finder or Spotlight to find it. Just search "mousepath-" and it should pop up real quick. Here's what I did a couple of days back!

As you can see, I use spaces quite a lot (I set it to the top right under System Preferences) and I tend to dump my cursor over at the left when I scroll lol.

Since when it saves it's just a black and white image, what I did was take a full screencap (command + shift + 3) of my desktop, then open it up with GIMP (I'm pretty sure this works in Photoshop, too) along with the MousePath image. Put the background as the first layer, make a new layer, then open the MousePath in the new layer. Set the MousePath layer to "darken only", and you're good to go! Of course, for better results, make sure the background isn't too dark or has too much black.