Words Could Not Tell

Feb 19, 2010 in ,

A/N: Inspired by a conversation with a friend… Wrote it late last night. Hope he you guys like it… Bah.

You say you can relate;
That you understand and feel
Just the exact way I’ve been feeling,
But not all the words in the world
Could tell you, my dear.

You don’t know
How the skies are bluer;
The many more stars that blink back at me,
And how good it feels
To breathe the air in;
Let it run through me.

The taste of the breeze;
Feeling the sun on my face,
And knowing it’s all right
To laugh a little.

I could spend your whole night
Using words to tell you,
But they’d never fully explain
How I haven’t felt right;
Haven’t breathed right,
Since the air breezed through me.