2 Years of David

Mar 6, 2010 in ,

Yup! Today, everyone, was the day that I first saw David on my fuzzy half black/white tv and absolutely fell heads over heels in love with that infectious giggle, his beautiful smile, and of course - his breath taking voice. I'll never forget how he just made me oogle at the tv fixated on him, and thinking about how wonderful it was. Randy told him it was like being at a David Archuleta concert - how he was playing at the piano, then got up…

Thanks AmericanIdolBigTv for the vid.

Those 5 minutes watching him up there, performing, has forever changed my life. Because of him I've met some amazing people and had amazing times with them. Fangirling/screaming/freaking out has become such a huge part of me that if I wasn't a fan of David, life would be pretty boring. Week after week of anxiously waiting for a YouTube of his latest performance, trusting in American that he wouldn't get voted off, and laughing my head off when I found out he sat on the floor when Ryan asked him to choose sides. Signing up at the AI site and lurking, knowing everyone that was there silently, and just… reading through all that stuff. It was so fun back then… Does anyone remember the Arms Thread?!? Gosh, good times, good times.

Then there was When You Believe. I'd missed Angels the previous week because I was in the hospital, so I was freaking excited to listen to this performance. I remember it was on the day I got out of the hospital… I could barely do anything then - it was way too tiring. I had roti canai that day for dinner. It was so exciting to eat something other than porridge. Then when he sang it… oh, it was just beautiful. Omg, I remember being all happy because he wore my fave shirt on him to meet Mariah - the same one that he wore for Shop Around.

Of course, there was the finale…

Well, I'm just going to stop rambling on and just finish this post up. It's been 2 amazing years of loving David, and I'd never take back a single second of it all. I'm a fan for life for sure! :)