Chords of Strength's In JUNE

Mar 8, 2010

I think it's by far time to do more promotion for David lol. Haven't done it in a while… Anyway, Chords of Strength, which will be David's memoir, and mostly written by him (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK!!) was supposed to be out on May 4th, but it's just recently been delayed to June 1st. I, for one, actually fully support this delay because he just tweeted about editing it a couple of weeks ago lol. You've got noooo idea how scared I was if he'd finish it on time, so this delay makes me really happy haha. It'll give everyone more time to sort things out and stuff I guess. Plus, extra time's aaaalways good!! :D

So, because I love it and all, plus it's official and perfectly beautiful, here's the cover! :)

Watch out for it everyone!! You'll be able to get it on Amazon (pre order available), and also on Penguin.