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Mar 24, 2010 in

Yesterday I got to meet the youth pastor of FGA again, along with Denise, who's also from FGA. They're part of the really awesome people that were at my book launch! It was pretty cool to see them again hahaz.

Anyway, they passed me this, which is really awesome and super sweet of them!! I've read all of them and I wanna say thank you to all of you amazing people. It's inspiring. :)

I took pics of some of them haha. I couldn't do all though… :( But I love and really appreciate every one of them! :)

I love the verse in the green one. :) And the purple one's super sweet!

Dang, the both of you've got such pretty handwriting!! Goshh haha.

The blue one says All Rights Reserved at the bottom haha. Made me burst out laughing! I used to put the copyright thing at the back of cards I made lol. And I've got noooooooo idea how she cut out the heart without folding it. :o
Sorry Noreen, my post isn't a wallie after all hahahahaz.

EDIT: Sorry, I have got no idea how there's 2 pics of the same one lol. My bad. :s

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Anonymous said...

just wondering.. when they sent you those.. which adress did they sendit to? btw, i added u on fb!

Alicia said...

Well, I met them for… tea. Or a tiny lunch… Haha, yeah, so they didn't send it to an address. :)

Sorry, but I don't accept anyone that I don't know. :( I tweet back though! :)