6 Brand New Wallpapers

Apr 16, 2010 in , ,

It's been quite a while since I last posted any graphicx that I've made recently, so it's about time that I put up these new little beauties, if I do say so myself. 4 of them have the text OS X on them, and they'll be available as a separate zip file (the first one - the second's for all of them) below. Click the titles to go to the wallpaper's Flickr page and download them separately.

All of them are 1280 x 800.

My first attempt at 3D text, so it might not be perfect, but the background grungy and shiny at the same time, which I think is a pretty great combo.

The title speaks for itself, and the text is a sleek and folded, with a wooden background.

Aurora OS X
A basic aurora type background with a simple text.

Aurora Grass OS X
The same wallpaper as the one above, but this time, the text is placed just above a grass (well, actually I shot it from a wheat field, but it looks like grass) ground.

David Abstract
I honestly have no idea what to name this wallpaper but it's sorta abstract, and the really cute guy in the middle who's singing and grinning his beautiful heart out would be David Archuleta. ;)

The theme is basically grids, and it has a thick 3D font that says - of course - gridlock. Made yesterday - today, and completely black/white.