If Today Was My Last Day/Would You

Apr 11, 2010 in ,

A/N: I wrote this like, a month ago or something, but I just didn't feel like posting it for some reason, hahaz. So yesterday, I typed it up, and here it is!! Hope you like it… It's way longer than what I usually do!!

EDIT: Sorry, that's the note for this NEXT poem I'm posting… I was blur yesterday lol. Must be all these David news coming at us… Anyway, I wrote this on Saturday from an idea I got somewhere on Friday. Enjoy!!

If today was my last day
Here where you are,
Would you give up everything
To see me smile,
Just one more time?

Would you miss
A chance of a lifetime
Just to spend a last second with me?

Would you make me laugh,
Or make me cry,
Would you tell me what I want to hear,
Or just pretend that I was never here?

Maybe you’ve never known
That I’ve been here – that I am;
The girl who’s always waited for you
Even though I disappear
When you do at last appear.

If today was my last day,
Would you say you loved me,
Or let me slip into absence from your life?

Would you follow me there
Or would you just pretend
That I’d never been here?

If today was my last day,
And even if I didn’t feel
Your hand on my shoulder,
I’d turn around,
And never look back.