Meebo Bar

Apr 30, 2010 in , ,

As you can see, I've just added the Meebo bar to the site. I was actually planning to put it up only on my new template, and accidentally put it up here lol. In all of that carelessness, I figured it looked nice here, and I'm really onset on slowly introducing certain things, so I decided to leave it there.

Some really awesome features include the ability to drag share amongst other things(which I think is AWESOME):

The main reason that I actually decided to post on it, is that I discovered something in the midst of installing it. It doesn't work with private Blogger blogs. By private, I mean the blogs that have only selected readers. When viewing a private blog with the Meebo bar, it will appear, then once you move the cursor, it vanishes. At least, that's what happens on both Safari and Firefox (I don't have IE, so you'll have to test that). So the point is, if you've set your Blogger blog to private, don't add the Meebo bar! And if you've already installed it (or anything, actually), but it doesn't show up, I'd recommend taking it away, because even if it doesn't show up, it'll make your blog load slower.

EDIT: I just checked, and it worked perfectly, but then I refreshed, and it disappeared again.