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May 15, 2010 in , ,

I’m SO, extremely sorry for being so lagging on posts lately, but I had a little conversation with Sony Malaysia on Thursday, that I found hiLARIOUS. And I figured it’s the perfect opportunity to blog something that I can actually file under “Life” instead of “Graphicx”, or whatever. Here are some screencaps that I carefully edited on GIMP to be aligned properly instead of all messed up. Thank you amazing invention called grids!! :D

In British, anyway. Oh, and yes, yes I do think that British is a whole different language. ;) And I just realized I made an error, too. It should have been "twitterER". A "twEEt" is the message itself. My bad. Sorry.

And my response below...

I think you can figure out what I meant.

This, is the BEST tweet ever. Thank you for the compliment of being the only person who felt slightly insulted by calling us “twits”. Oh, and thanks for making me laugh so hard my Mac looked at me sideways. :p

Nice save.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of being tweeted, check out this mini convo I had with a certain Alex from AI9. ’Twas about midnight in LA when we were tweeting. Have I mentioned I love his background? Btw, jelly beans, my loves, are wonderful things. Ahem. Try some, then get back to me.

Me saying hi. Self explanatory, I do believe.

I like the exclamation mark.

And I was riiiiiight!

Aww, he’s so sweet.

Dinner time for Ally.

This concludes tweet conversations with Ally! This segment of my blog shall be back, ahem, whenever the event calls for it such as when David tweets me because I know he will because if I tweet him 500 times a day, he’s bound to tweet me.