Color Scheme: Purple

May 30, 2010 in

If you’ve been following @ on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed me tweeting about bugs in the template, or whatever I managed to solve after 3 hours of painful head-banging. So because I’m just so dang excited to put it up, here’s the new (and revised) color scheme!

This time, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be keeping this scheme. As you can see, the color scheme is purple. I was originally going for pink, but somehow it just ended up being purple. I liked it, though, which is why it’s still purple. Most of it has been finished, but I’ve still got a couple of things that I want to implement... Something else very important, is that I finally got a working menu bar up! Whoever’s been following me on Twitter will have definitely noticed me screeching at all menu bars... But, yeah! I finally got a really nice-looking dropdown menu bar that is actually functioning. Oh, and I also added a “Like” button to this blog. ;)

There’s also something that I’m super excited to announce on my blog! I’ll be announcing it the day after I put the template up. I still haven’t set a date yet, though. I kinda wanted to go for 1 June, because of David’s book launch, and how it’ll be the first of the month and all, but clearly, that’s not going to happen. I still want a few days to poke around and see if I left anything out after I finish it. I so do not want to have to go back and add something on after I put it up. I might go for 21 June, since it’s my, ahem, David anniversary... But it seems like a random day. Ah well. When you notice that everything something looks different, you’ll know that I’ve put it up!