I'll Admit It

May 25, 2010 in ,

A/N: This poem was written on the 10th of May, 2010, edited a couple of days ago. I did quite heavy editing on this, but I kept the structure of it, and I kept most of the fourth stanza, too. It has some relation to a poem that I wrote (and published) somewhere this year. If you read carefully, I’m sure anyone can figure out which poem I’m referring to. I’m starting to like the whole first/last stanza being very short thing. It’s a pattern I’ve used in a couple of poems recently, and it’s really growing on me.

I’ll admit it;
I miss you.

The way you used to tell me
That I was gorgeous;
Gorgeous and yours.

Those days have passed,
Long taken away by the wind,
But I can’t help but to cherish
Each and every memory,
And sigh in delight that we made them.

I wish I could say,
That if you told me you’d forgotten
Each and every of those memories,
I’d lock them away
In my memory box,
To rest in peace.

I wish I could tell you this;
I wish I wouldn’t have to lie about it.