Let's Get Hyped Up!!

May 20, 2010 in

It’s almost time for David’s (click one of the letters and see where it takes you!) memoir, Chords of Strength to be released! It makes it’s debut (look at me, I’m wording it like it’s a single, not a book) on June 1st! David will be at his first book signing at BookEnds in New Jersey. If you live nearby, be sure to check it out! Rumors have it that David’ll singing his new single for the first time ever there. If the rumors are true, don’t miss it!

Other rumors that have been floating around the great WorldWide Web, is that David will be debuting his new single, which is very frustratingly still unnamed, during the AI finale! It’s just a rumor, but it would make sense, considering the timing with COS, and the fact that David tweeted saying that he had a meeting with 19.

So, who’s excited?! I sure am. I’m also going CRAZY knowing that I won’t get COS ’til late June. This is madness. Here’s a couple of pics from people who got it early!

I sure am looking forward to reading a fat book.

Gorgeous graphics.

Aww! Baby David looks adorable! I just wanna pinch those little chubby cheeks. Man, Jeff looks way different here, too! And look at his widdle caption.

"It's just you and me."
Gosh, look at that last bit. "There are no hot lights shining in my eyes, no microphone being held up to my face, and no media people barraging me with with questions. It's just you and me." Beautiful. Well, not so much beautiful as excruciating. Sweetie, why do you have to phrase things just so that I go crazy? I seriously think you enjoy this - me going crazy and screaming. Did I mention I've got a teeny bit of a sore throat? I think it miiiiight have been partially caused by screaming at news about you. Nonetheless, I love you. ;)

OH, and check out this 2 second clip of some new David song! Click here to hear it. So now, we've got this much oh lyric: "ooh ohh oh oh oooh oh". Great; that's a whole lot to go on. But it sounds absolutely beautiful! I'm loving it already, David.