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A/N: Wrote this on the 4th of Oct last year. I posted a link to where I posted on WritersCafe. I was going through my profile on there when I realized that I never gave this poem a full post even though this is one of my fave ever poems. Even though I say this before just about every poem I post, this was not written for whoever you think it was. I usually don't like my poems half as much a month later as I did when I wrote it, but I guess this is one of those that I really do love. :)

That playlist we made together,
Long before you left me bleeding,
With my emotions ripped from me,
Numb, hollow, lost.

Those songs; memories of us.
Every time they play,
I press next and pretend they never came on,
But inside my heart grows heavier,
And that wound you left me with
Is gashed wide open again,
And the pain ripples through me.

But today I looked through those songs again,
For the first time in more days and months than I can remember,
And tried to remember why we picked each one,
But I can’t anymore,
Even as I flip through the pages of my journal,
I just can’t remember anymore.

Now I don’t even remember,
Which song it was that I thought was so special,
Or the exact date you played it to me,
Not like I used to.

Tonight when I play those songs again,
I’ll smile and not think about you,
And instead let the sweet melody seep into me.