Unpublished Poems

May 23, 2010 in , , , ,

I was writing a poem just a little bit ago, and even after the second draft, I realized that it was a poem that would never see the light of the day, or be read by anyone else, for that matter. It was just plain too cheesy, and even if anyone could see past the cheesiness, it was going to be a little too obvious to the person I wrote it for, if that person ever read it. Clearly, that poem was destined to grow dusty in a corner of my hard drive.

So, that got me thinking: what does everyone else do with their unpublished poems? Do they burn them, since they think it’ll never be used, or just shove them into a corner of a drawer? It’d be great if someone out there who’s reading would be brave enough to share one of those poems. I’d definitely love to read them! To kick start what I hope will be something that at least a few people will start doing, here’s an unfinished poem from somewhere in October of 2009.

I’ve tasted it-
So close from my lips,
I can smell it.

It calls out to me,
Whispering my name.

I still remember exactly what it was that I was writing about, but somehow I never could finish writing it. In a way, you could say that it’s finished, but if you’ve read any of my poems, you’d know that this is by far shorter than anything I’ve ever written. So, whether it’s finished or not, I don’t know. But still, I kinda like it. So, yeah! Please leave a unpublished poem if you’ve got any. :)

Side note: I'm working on a little project that I'll debut together with my new template, which I did decide to redesign after all.