Back To The Past

Jun 20, 2010 in ,

I posted the original article over at FanScene. Time does fly…

About a year ago today, I met David Archuleta at Del Mar – the first stop of the summer tour ’09. This amazing meet was planned by some really awesome people! Not all that long ago, I poked around iPhoto, and found a little video of this day. So after a whole lot of debating with myself, I decided to post the video up to celebrate a whole year!

Here’s a little summary: In the beginning, I’d asked him if he liked pancakes or waffles, to which he replied “crepes”. The bit after that is pretty self explanatory… and kind of sent me up higher into Cloud David. Next, he was commented on my head band!  At the end, Boomer was saying that a bunch of us archies were watching David rehearse from somewhere in the fair haha. He waved back at all of us!

This particular encounter with David definitely thrilled me to no end! I was grinning for weeks and months! It was something that I’ll never forget – not in a million years. David is the sweetest, most down-to-earth person you could ever imagine. And he is just like how you think he is, lol. Right then, everything in the world was just perfect, and David made up for a ton of stuff that was going on back then. I got to meet a bunch of really cool archies, too!!

Something I missed out on in my original recap in all my excitement, was that David said that Kina Grannis (his opener that night, and a songwriter for this album), reminded him of Colbie Caillat!

Here's a little video that I've watched more than a million times: <3

Thank you, David. You're the best. *Hugs*