"Chords of Strength" Is OUT!!

Jun 2, 2010 in ,

Today (well, yesterday, but somehow I thought to post this today...) is the day! David Archuleta’s memoir “Chords of Strength” has finally been launched (officially, anyway)!! I’m super excited for him, and I’ve got no doubt that it’s a wonderful and thrilling read. I sure hope he managed to down all the meals before it, though. He seemed pretty excited/nervous, of course. David, I haven’t read it yet - care to hand deliver a copy to me? ;) - but I’m sure it tells and amazing tale of how you are the amazing and beautiful person that you are today. Congratulations! Not everyone can write - or publish, for that matter - a memoir at age 19, and think of enough things to fill all of those many pages. The fact that your story can, indeed fill those pages show what an amazing story it must be. Hope he had a blast in the big apple, too!

Okay, whoever’s reading this post right now probably thinks that the entire post is sort of disconnected and such, also with the thought that I keep blogging as if David’s reading, or changing to him not reading (if that even makes sense), and I’m really sorry, but I’m just too emotional and proud of David to actually put together sentences that go well together.

Bottom line is, I’m so proud of David, and he’s an amazing person with an amazing story. I also just can’t wait to hold “Chords of Strength” in my hands, and read each and every page. Congratulations, David!

Here's a beautiful video taken at the book signing at Bookends. The quality of the video fascinates me… as does how gorgeous David looked. :)