Have Some Whatnot

Jun 18, 2010 in , ,

Actually, I had a blog post for yesterday, then I rescheduled to who-knows-when because I was excited that I got GIMP back (continue reading), then I sorta forgot to blog lol. Oops. Sorry. So, I'm going to just blog whatnot today, just like the good old days!!

First off, on Saturday night, GIMP wouldn't open - at all. X11 would open, but GIMP would crash. I tried to delete, then download GIMP, but it wouldn't load… Needless to say, I was beyond upset. A few days later, I downloaded Pixelmator, but I don't like most of it… especially with layers. GIMP's layers are way easier to use. But Pixelmator's interface is really cool! And the brush settings, too. Yesterday, I uninstalled, then downloaded GIMP. It worked, then when I put my own brushes it, it crashed. So I listened to this nagging feeling I had that I have too many brushes, and deleted some, and presto! It worked.

I got Chords of Strength yesterday! I've been debating whether or not to finish it (I read 1/3 already), because once it's over, it's over… But still; WHOOOOO!!

And I gtg right now, which explains why my COS bit is super short… Ta!!