Parachutes & Airplanes (A Wallpaper)

Jun 24, 2010 in , , ,

On Sunday, David Archuleta sang two new songs off his new (untitled) album; Not A Very Good Liar, and Parachutes & Airplanes.

This wallpaper was mostly inspired by the background picture (this), then I added some clouds. And here is where Parachutes & Airplanes comes in. I was thinking of using some lyrics for the text, then I realized the sky was a little bare. So, I cut out an parachute, and an airplane (both wonderfully cut, if I say so myself), and put them both there! This is one of my favorite works so far! 1280 x 800, as usual, but I think I can adapt it to a different size if you want it. Enjoy!

Parachutes & Airplanes