Pause, And Take A Look

Jun 27, 2010 in

Have you ever been given something, something beautiful, and thought you knew what it was? A bouquet of flowers, maybe, that had an envelop you never bothered to open, simply because you already knew who they were from? A video you only watched as audio, because you were too preoccupied to watch the video, too?

A long while ago, this happened to me, too. It was maybe, a year and a half ago... I did know how beautiful that thing was, but I only saw half of it. I did that until just a few weeks ago, when I suddenly remembered a glimpse of something more... And so, I found that thing. Little did I know back then, what I was missing out on. But, when I did see what it was, it was beautiful, sad, and still beautiful. It saddened me to know that I’d missed out on it back when it really mattered, and only saw it once it didn’t matter anymore.

I can honestly say that not pausing to take a look and really understand it was a huge mistake. The lesson from this post that I want anyone who reads this to remember is: pause, and take a look. Not just at the surface, either, but really look. You would be surprised at what you could find...