Project CandyBar

Jun 30, 2010 in ,

Today, I decided to open CandyBar again, and change all my folders and stuff. What I didn’t know, was that CandyBar only changes those icons that aren’t changed by hand (meaning, the whole copy/paste the icons routine...). By now, I should probably mention that I changed a ton of icons (by that, I mean about a hundred - no kidding) by hand a long time ago. So after applying all the icons in CandyBar, and logging out, I had to set about the grueling, carpal-tunnel-causing task of deleting each and every icon I put there. Meaning, that I had to command + i, click the icon, delete, then close the window. Then do it about 100 times more. Which... I did, actually. Just fyi, I make a lot of folders - for everything. Here, have a peek at how my Finder looked liked before!

And about 20 mins later, when I'd finally finished:

Yup, I'm so loving this! CandyBar officially rocks. Though it'd rock a whole lot more if I could use it for more than 15 days with only 250 days...