Rainbow Colored Mind

Jun 23, 2010 in ,

A/N: This dates back to early this month, and originally started out as a... well, it’s not a story, since it doesn’t have a storyline, but I’ll go with a poetic series of paragraphs. Which is why, the lines are longer than usual. Actually, the length of the stanzas are actually how I first started out writing poetry, though I fell short of a stanza or two.

My main purpose of writing this poem was to get down this very frustrating feeling I’d had, and also to explore a different style of writing, which was to use more metaphors. I’ve used metaphors in previous poems (Bubblegum Man, anyone?), and I’d really enjoyed writing them, so I decided to go down that road again. I wanted to explore a more abstract side of poetry, and I succeeded in my goal!

I've written, and rewritten this so many times that it's written into my brain.

As for what the words mean, well, I’m not going to go much beyond the technical breakdown that I find oddly necessary for this poem.

Every time, you seem close enough to touch,
Simple enough to comprehend,
You slip away;
Sand between my grasping fingers.

Every time, I turn to see what you’re all about,
I find myself finally understanding
Where the frayed ends between black and white meet;
Where your different colors meld together,
You drift with the wind,
Too delicate to be caught.

Every time, I feel your arms open to catch me,
I think I’ll have hours of eternity to slowly unravel
The rainbow spool you’re wound around,
You flit away;
A loose thread is all you leave behind.

Every time, you open up to let me in,
You steal my breath, and suddenly,
My pastel colors seem so bland,
Compared to your vibrant rainbow.

Every time, this story repeats itself,
I tell myself I’ll never give up;
I’ll eventually have imprinted on my heart,
Each shade of your rainbow colored mind.