A Weekend Roadtrip

Jun 7, 2010 in ,

On Friday, we went on a little trip up to Ipoh, Penang, then back! Sadly, we didn't go to the island since there was a whole lot of traffic. My tweets @ have been recording what I've been doing! And so, I'll take you on a little journey through some screencaps right now… Please excuse my frequent lack of capitalization and such...


My thumb started hurting - from tweeting. Serves me right.

Tweet singing, what else is new?

Twitter was snoring as usual.

Memories of being on a plane in the dead of the night, wind swooshing mere inches from me.

In other words, we arrived!

And bleary-eyed.

Curry mee!!

We waited 20 mins for the table, and another 30 or so for the food lol.

Going to my grandparents'.


I don't know how to describe it. Google it lol.
From a :) to a :( me.

Dinner made up for it, though!

I do nooooot like that stuff.


There, as in breakfast.

On the journey home...

Thanks, @.

'Twas a sad moment.


And hence, I proceeded to eat. And eat some more.

A rather awkward conversation preceded this tweet. 
*Kinokuniya. Me acting calm when really, I'm freaking out.

And here, I attempted to read, but only got as far as 2 pages… Which failed. And I don't know why the screencap isn't showing up!

I keep getting hungry for some odd reason.

Home sweet home!!