David On Capitol Fourth

Jul 7, 2010 in

I don't usually post David's performances on my blog, but these 2 were just way too beautiful to pass up. I love how he's wearing a red shirt in Star-Spangled Banner, and a blue one in Stand By Me! Absolutely adorable. Just watching him perform, then thinking back to American Idol 7 when we first heard Stand By Me just brings tears to my eyes. I don't know how to describe this feeling that we've all seen David right from when he stood in front of Simon Cowell, to Crush doing so well, to the Summer Tour of 09, the Christmas Tour, and now this. And soon, Something 'Bout Love (click the link to hear it on David's official site). These performances are absolutely beautiful, and breathtaking.

NOTE: Click the titles to download the MP3s of the song.

How would one go about explaining this? Lovely, great, amazing vocals?

His intro to this is really sweet! He dedicates it to all of the brave troops who risk their lives for America's freedom. Plus, he's exuding confidence, so that's always great when you're speaking, and going to perform in front of tens of thousands of people.

Weren't those 2 beautiful? David has come a long, long way from the following vid…

Every single time David sings an old song, old memories flood back all over again...